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The Last Express rolls onto iPhone and iPad September 27


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Over 15 years on from when it first set out, Jordan Mechner's The Last Express is arriving on iOS this Thursday, September 27. In collaboration with French distributor DotEmu, Mechner re-released his 1997 adventure game on PC last year, but this year it comes to iPad and iPhone with some iOS-friendly tweaks.

The Last Express is set on the Orient Express in 1914, combining an evocative, momentous time with romance, murder, and intrigue. Initially conceived in 1993, four years of high-end development took its toll on financial reserves, and than in turn hurt marketing and shelf life. While the game was a commercial disaster, it earned high acclaim from mainstream outlets like USA Today and Newsweek, an incredible achievement for a game of its time.

If waiting for trains isn't your style, you can download the PC version now on DotEmu and, which comes with a walkthrough, making-of video, and soundtrack.

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