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Amazon Gold Box deals kick off with Madden


Amazon's Gold Box is all games once again, offering a series of time-limited deals alongside a special all-day $39.99 sale on Madden NFL 13. Find the clues for each "Lightning Deal" after the break.

  • 9AM EDT: "Hold on to your controller and don't get a black eye."
  • 11AM EDT: "Trick or Treat. Get this ghostly game a month before Halloween."
  • 1PM EDT: "Explore the streets on Hong Kong in this open world action game" (likely Sleeping Dogs)
  • 4PM EDT: "Feel like you're right in the game with each action you take using this PS3 accessory."
  • 7PM EDT: "Advanced Bluetooth gaming headset for Playstation 3"
  • 8PM EDT: "LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes"
  • 11PM EDT: "Immerse yourself in dynamic surround sound while enjoying crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network"

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