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Dedicated games crowdfunding platform Gambitious launches


Kickstarter has been all the rage this year, with new projects coming out of the woodwork seemingly every day. The service has at least partially disrupted the traditional publisher model, allowing independent developers (big and small) a chance to see their games come to fruition. Now, a new crowdfunding platform has hit the scene: Gambitious. Founded by Epic Tales' Paul Hanraets, Mastertronic's Andy Payne and Harry Miller and Mike Wilson of Devolver Digital, the new platform is now open for business.

First announced earlier this year, Gambitious is designed exclusively to fund the development of games. Gambitious is based in Europe and, while the the FAQ notes that potential projects don't have to originate in Europe, the platform is working to spread to other countries – particularly the US – in the coming year.

Gambitious already has several projects underway, including Red Fly's new Mushroom Men project and an upcoming project from 3D Realms entitled "Earth No More." The kicker of Gambitious, and what primarily separates it from Kickstarter, is that those who donate to projects are actually investing in its success. Rather than receiving rewards, donors will actually share in a game's profits (assuming there are profits to be had, of course).

For more info, head over to Gambitious and dive in.

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