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Borderlands 2 bug wipes Badass ranks, chievos, across all platforms


So there's this bug in Borderlands 2. It wipes out players' Badass Ranks, golden keys, heads and skins with no chance of redemption, at times lowering stats to unplayable levels. The bug affects Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of Borderlands 2 and it doesn't appear to follow a pattern of attack.

The bug, viewable in the above video, doesn't reset any of the challenges it erases, meaning players can't go back and try to complete them again. A 300-response thread on the official Gearbox forums chronicles players who have encountered the bug, though Gearbox Community Manager Chris Faylor says it is a "fairly rare" occurrence.

"Thanks for all the reports and specific details, folks," Faylor writes in the forum. "Our engineers are looking into this, and the information you've provided has proven to be a great resource while we investigate. At the moment, it seems to be a fairly rare issue and we'll keep you updated on when we resolve it."

So far one piece of advice in the forum tells players who log in to find wiped Badass Ranks or achievements to immediately quit the game and boot it back up.

We've reached out to Gearbox for more information about the bug and any potential fixes.

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

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