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Breakfast Topic: How did you decide what to do first in Mists of Pandaria?


Help me, help me, I can't decide what to do first! Truth be told, my expansion indecision is rooted deeper than merely where to take my character or how to level up. At this point, I can't even decide what character and realm to focus on. After a weekend spent syncing up goodies on every last character and peering into vaults and inventories (some stripped, some stuffed) and several frantic sessions clicking back and forth from realm to realm and staring at the character creation screen while I toy with a pandaren, I've concluded that I simply can't conclude what to do in Mists of Pandaria. For quite a while now, my play time has been split (somewhat unsuccessfully so) between a number of kickass guilds on all sorts of realms, and Mists has come to represent my opportunity to refocus and pick a main character again. But where? And how?

Inspire me with your plans and help me see through the mists. Are you leveling up hard with your main first? Are you taking it slow and easy, enjoying the sights and new features along the way? Is there something new (pet battles, perhaps?) that you're diving into head first? Maybe we'll see you in the auction house and trade channel at the top of your realm's markets. Or maybe you're rolling up the levels on a new pandaren.

How did you decide what to do first? And once the initial frenzy wore off, how did you decide what to do next? What's your game plan for the expansion? (Just don't ask me to come join you on your realm -- I can't take one more option, not a single one!)

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