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O2 to sell upcoming HTC smartphone without a wall charger, says it's part of a 'simple vision'


In what could be considered a relatively strange move, O2 has announced that an upcoming, unannounced HTC smartphone won't come with a wall charger inside the box. According to the Euro carrier, this idea is part of a "simple vision" in which it wants "to take chargers out of boxes full stop," adding that research has shown more than 70 percent of UK customers don't have the need for such charger as they already own one with the same compatibility. The soon-to-be HTC device will, however, include a USB to micro-USB cable, so not everything will be completely lost. Now O2 didn't give any fruitful details about which HTC handset it'll be using to kick off the program, but we'll let you know as soon as we find out.

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