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Obsidian's 'Project Eternity' Kickstarter surpasses $2 million


Obsidian has raised over $2 million for its Kickstarter, Project Eternity, with 20 days left to raise even more money. Project Eternity is on track to surpass its final announced stretch goal of $2.2 million, which will add French, German and Spanish text translations, along with a new faction and region. Goals beyond $2.3 million are "coming soon."

Project Eternity currently has a tentative release window of spring 2014. The Kickstarter for the project was announced on September 15 and reached its $1.1 million goal in 24 hours. Obsidian is currently working on the South Park RPG and it previously developed contract project Fallout: New Vegas, along with the original intellectual property Alpha Protocol.

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