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The Queue: I won't let the world break me

Matthew Rossi
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Just for today, Matthew Rossi will be stabbing krakens for you, or answering questions, or whatever it is we do here.

So far, Pandaria's mostly been a surge of me trying to do quests while every Horde player in the entire zone tries to screw it up for me. Luckily, having chosen to level prot, I can usually survive long enough to finish my quest objectives. I also found out that if you want to level alongside a RealID friend and not automatically bring him or her to your PvP realm, you don't want to outlevel said friend.That was awkward for me.

Anyway, enough about the adventures of guy leveling with ten Horde players standing on his head. You're here for question answering.

JeffLaBowski asked

So favorite quest so far? Mine is the chain in the jinyu town, where Rell "tells you" what happened to him. The part where you play it from the sniper's perspective- sully is hilarious. Sounds too much like Shrek but he is funny. Good times!

I haven't gotten to my favorite quest yet. It waits for me in Kun-Lai Summit, and without spoiling it all I can say is it involves the Zandalari, the mogu, and the return of the king. Well, a king, anyway.

xjelli asks

I'm certain that I read that both pandaren and monks would be available without the MoP expansion, but it's clearly greyed out and tooltips "Requires Mists of Pandaria" when I hover over monks. Pandarens (but not pandaren monks) are available.

Is this a bug or an intentional change?

Neither. As several of your fellow commenters pointed out to you, the pandaren race is available to anyone on any level of expansions (you could just have basic WoW, which includes BC and Wrath now, or Cataclysm) but the monk class itself is specific to Mists of Pandaria and was never promised to anyone who doesn't have that expansion installed.

apinator1 asks

What do you think the best heirloom weapon would be for a monk tank?

The Burnished Warden Staff is a pretty solid contender. Since monks can use one handed swords, axes and maces as well, the Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge is also an option, as is the Venerable Mass of McGowan.

asks on twitter

to get in on that action: do scenarios have an instance portal in the world like dungeons or raids?

Nope. Just queue for them, there's no portal in the world for scenarios.

JordanPhillips asks

"It's going to take a few days, depending on how much you play. I personally won't be able to play much right away (moving to a nice new place this weekend), but when I do have time I intend to play about 12-hours a day to finish it up to 90.My recommendation on leveling is the same as above; hit up the questing and then do dungeons as you can (just once) for the quest rewards and experience."

What's the point of burning through the content so fast? Why not actually savor the ride?

There's actually a few different answers to this question. I'm neither hurrying nor taking my time to savor the ride (as you saw above, every time I try and do a quest I end up fighting six guys so I'm kind of irritable about leveling atm) because, for me and for other players the game really opens up at max level. You can do the most dungeons, can raid, can queue for scenarios, will have access to the many daily quests, and can start on challenge modes. For some players (not all, admittedly) the game really does start at max level. I have friends who are already level 90, and friends who are still level 85 right now for various reasons. I myself am just starting to hit level 87.

In short, different people like different things. You knew that already, I'm sure, but it bears repeating.

Aubrey asks

If I haven't bought MoP yet, and my characters are essentially still capped at 85, are they still earning rested EXP after I log in on them? Or is that only possible with MoP and the extended cap?

I'm not sure when I'll be picking it up, soon probably, but it'd be nice to feel like I'm not totally wasting my time by not having it now.

Characters locked at their max level do not earn any experience so no, your level 85's cannot earn rested even if you log them on. You need to have Mists installed in order to start earning XP, which will also enable you to begin earning the rested XP bonus.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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