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RaiderZ previews Mt. Eda

Eliot Lefebvre

The RaiderZ preview train continues onward, this time taking a look at the snow-covered Mt. Eda just past Hero's Lane. Mt. Eda used to be a place of peace and serenity, but in the game's timeline, it's become the site of an ersatz turf war between tribes of trolls and ogres. That means a lot of trolls and ogres to fight in a lot of ancient ruins... and that's not actually the worst part of what players will be dealing with.

Players can warm themselves up for the mountain's challenges with PvP matches on the slopes. That practice will hopefully prepare them for fighting the giant yeti near the mountain's peak. Or they can try to go through the tunnels beneath the mountain... tunnels infested with diabolical tribes and huge colonies of marauding insects. Check out the full trailer just past the break for a rundown of what you can expect from the mountain.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

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