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The Daily Grind: Has F2P made your MMO habit more expensive?

Jef Reahard

Two years ago I used to have fewer than five line-items in my Quicken budget for MMORPGs. I maintained three or four monthly subs more often than not, and it was easy to keep track of how much I spent as well as determine whether or not it was worth it to continue doing so based on playtime, enjoyment, and various other factors.

Nowadays I'm more likely to have a dozen MMORPG-related line-items every month on account of cash shops and the fact that flat-fee payments no longer include all of a given game's content. In a nutshell, playing multiple MMOs has gotten more expensive for me with the transition to free-to-play.

What about you, morning crew? Assuming you keep a careful watch on your gaming expenditures, has free-to-play helped or hurt your bottom line?

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