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Hard work, not magic, is key to Blizzard's success

MJ Guthrie

Should the success of World of Warcraft over the years be accepted as an aberration, encased in glass and set high up on a pedestal, untouchable and impossible to duplicate? Not according to an editorial on, which suggests that other companies could find success by following Blizzard's methods instead of just mimicking the product.

The article discounts the magic secret formula hypothesis and attributes Blizzard's success to hard work, aggressive utilization of player activity data, and a focus on the casual player instead of hardcore endgame types. The piece noted that Blizzard essentially provides players with a whole new game with each expansion by changing systems dramatically. It further stated, "Blizzard... sees its successful game as a moving target, and uses data to allow it to make bigger gambles and more drastic changes."

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