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Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Encyclopedia due out October 12th

Eliot Lefebvre

Those of you who want a more detailed look at the story behind Star Wars: The Old Republic are going to get your wish on October 15th with the Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Encyclopedia. The book contains a full rundown of the game's historical events, classes, persons of interests, ships, hardware, races, and so on. And it has a new trailer as of today because apparently books now get video trailers.

Clocking in at 352 pages, the hardcover volume is penned by several members of the SWTOR writing team and explores the nuances behind the universe as presented in the game. The book is set to feature a full timeline and a number of pages on important events, useful for piecing together the full story from somewhat fragmented in-game lore. It can be pre-ordered now on Amazon and should be more than worth the value for roleplayers or dedicated lore hounds. Take a look at the trailer just past the cut.

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