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World of Keflings DLC takes your Keflings to the Candy Kingdom


Yes, there's still DLC for the 2010 XBLA game A World of Keflings. Following a fan vote to determine which new world would appear first, developer NinjaBee has revealed the "Candy Kingdom" downloadable content, which adds a new environment. As part of the vote, a fan has been "Keflingized" in a process that we hope wasn't excessively painful, and "Kari the Last Chocolatier" will play a part in the story.

A World of Keflings was most recently updated to be part of the Avatar Famestar program, promising a year of free quests and Avatar bonuses.

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About "Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice"

"Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice" is the new Candy themed kingdom coming to A World of Keflings. It is the second new kingdom to be added as DLC and expands the variety of climates found the Kefling world. The first add-on kingdom was the alien-themed kingdom, which was released last October as DLC titled, "It Came From Outer Space."

The candy-themed kingdom was chosen by fans as part of a contest held earlier this year in which fans voted to choose which of three scenarios (Candy, Graveyard or Pirate) would be the next kingdom to build in A World of Keflings. As part of the contest, one fan was selected and "Kefling-ized", or turned into a Kefling character in the game. This Kefling, known as Kari the Last Chocolatier, plays a prominent role in the story of the DLC.

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