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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever protested about game issues in game?


So as I logged in each and every character recently to sync up all my goodies in preparation for Mists, I rediscovered a strange little level 1 gnome tucked away on Blackrock. Argent Dawn players, do you still have a thing going with the players on Blackrock? I haven't played on AD in years now, but back in the days of unstable launch-era servers, the "Blackrock kiddies" chose Argent Dawn to torment with their server-crashing antics whenever their own realm would crash. I'm not sure how making the AD players miserable with legions of profanity-blasting players shouting "Blackrock down! Blackrock down!" and taunting us for being roleplaying pansies was supposed to help their situation -- but it became a regular occurrence. Ironforge (best capital to hang out in because you could connect so quickly to Menethil) on Argent Dawn became a living hell whenever Blackrock went down. The lag was so bad you could guarantee you'd end up in the trench between the auction house and the bank.

Then came the glorious day when Argent Dawn went down. I still can't believe I did it, but I did -- I joined the players flooding onto Blackrock to create level 1 gnomes. (Bad player. Bad.) We delighted in tacking on RP-esque "-eth" suffixes to the most ridiculous-sounding names we could think of, and we dogpiled onto the bridges of Ironforge for a naked gnomish dance party, chanting "AD down! AD down!" (Not sure what that guy in the screenshot shouting about drugs was all about. Looks like we didn't even manage to keep our main chant going. Oh, well.) I don't guess we ended up accomplishing anything of note -- we didn't crash Blackrock like their players did ours so many times, nor did we really intend to -- but it sure felt good to return the annoyance for just that little while.

On a more serious note, WoW has been home to plenty of in-game marches, demonstrations, and protests of various sorts over the years. It was a very different era of customer relations back then, and many in-game protests were simply attempts to garner some attention from Blizzard over issues players felt strongly about. Today, of course, players enjoy much freer communication with Blizzard on the official forums, Blizzard blogs, and even Twitter and Facebook.

Have you ever protested or marched in game over a game-related issue? Did you feel it was effective? Do you post in feedback threads and interact with the Blizzard blues outside the game now?

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