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Apple facing European investigation of Apple Care sales


European Union Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is asking EU countries to confirm that Apple retailers are advertising the buyers' right to a minimum two-year warranty for qualifying products.

Reding notes that "Apple prominently advertised that its products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty but failed to clearly indicate the consumers' automatic and free-of-cost entitlement to a minimum two-year guarantee under EU law" in a letter to EU members.

You'll remember that Apple was recently fined heavily by the Italian Antitrust Authority for a similar issue. Specifically, Apple was found to have pushed its own Apple Care warranty while failing to inform customers of the two-year Consumer Code that's free and readily available to all. Apple was told to alter sales packages of the Apple Protection Plan to include information on the free service that's available to customers after two years.

Apple did not offer comment to Bloomberg, which published the story.

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