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Nexon acquires Mobage game developer gloops for $468m


Nexon shelled out ¥36.5 billion to buy gloops, a company that develops games for DeNA's Mobage network. That figure converts to an absolutely whopping $468 million. Nexon didn't stump up that much yen because they're seeking fun, but because gloops is one of the most successful makers of Japanese social games. Those games include Shibuya Quest, MLB Battle Game, and Odin Battle, and the company boasts over 10 million active players across its collection. Legend Cards has over 1.5 million players in Japan alone, while Magigate had 100,000 people playing it within just seven hours of its release.

Either way, Nexon apparently has money to burn. The South Korean company, known for free-to-play MMOs like MapleStory, last year set its initial public offering on the stock market at $1.2 billion.

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