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Scott Forstall and Maps, Siri issues


The recent criticism about Apple's iOS 6 Maps app has prompted some analysts and pundits to lay the blame on Scott Forstall, Apple's Senior Vice President of iOS Software. A recent post by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Apple 2.0 points out that both Maps and Siri, two recent projects that fall under the leadership of Forstall, have been a disappointment.

DeWitt isn't alone in pointing out Apple's latest shortcomings. In his recent Monday Note, Jean-Louis Gassée, says the backlash against Apple after the release of iOS Maps is self-inflicted. Rather than point out both the strength and weaknesses of Maps, Apple chose to promote the product as the "most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever."

Gassée notes that the demonstration of the Maps app earlier this year at WWDC showcased a product that was seemingly flawless in its execution. Customers, who were expecting an improved or at least equal experience with iOS 6 Maps, were disappointed when they noticed limitations and errors that were not mentioned by Apple. Apple wasn't wrong to pursue a new mapping solution, Gassée argues, but it did make things harder by "failing to modulate its self-praise."

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