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Video: iPhone 5 speaker is loudest iPhone speaker yet


Lucky iPhone 5 owners (I'm not one of them yet) can be proud to know that their new device is the loudest iPhone yet. The folks over at iClarified thought that it seemed a bit louder than older versions, so they did the right thing and tested the iPhone 5 -- and every other model of iPhone ever built -- with a decibel meter.

What they found is that the iPhone 5 speaker is indeed the loudest yet, pumping out an impressive 100.3 dBA when a pink noise file was played in the Music app. That's greater than the previous winner, the iPhone 4S, which tipped the meter at 97.9 dBA. Remember that the decibel A-weighting (dBA) is measured on a logarithmic scale, so that seemingly insignificant 2.4 dBA difference actually corresponds to an 18 percent increase in loudness.

You can check out their tests in the video below, along with some catchy music to (mostly) mask the pink noise blasts. I plan to do my own testing with Gangnam Style once I receive my iPhone 5 to see if I can ruin my hearing even more than it already has been.

[via BGR]

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