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Pac-Man survey asks fans to choose look of new game


Namco Bandai is asking fans to vote on the look of a new Pac-Man game. In a short survey on the Pac-Man Facebook page, users can vote for one of the above visual styles. The next question asks respondents which platform they play casual games on, while the third asks whether or not they're between the ages of 13 and 40. The final question queries whether they are male or female.

It's not a massive leap to suggest Namco is working on a new Pac-Man game aimed at a casual audience. The real question is how it will look. Most of the options are familiar, not surprising given the franchise's numerous guises through its history. We quite like the look of 'D', though. The faded colors along with the ghosts' sharp eyes and crooked mouths make it surprisingly macabre.

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