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Steelseries debuts Wireless World of Warcraft mouse

Matthew Rossi

As someone who has been using a SteelSeries mouse for over a year now with no complaints, I was interested to discover that SteelSeries is producing a wireless model coming October 8. Branded specifically for World of Warcraft, it has eleven buttons for ease of keybinding, 16 hours of battery life and a USB recharge feature that allows you to use the mouse as a normal gaming mouse if you happen to exhaust that 16 hours (and man, if you do, go take a walk or something). My Cataclysm mouse has lasted me through some fairly hard use, so I'm interested in picking one of these up and seeing if it is as durable and flexible.

Of course, if you'd rather a tethered mouse, there's the World of Warcraft Legendary Edition, and the Cataclysm edition mouse (the one I'm still using) which has endured my hamhanded approach since December of 2010. And if you're buying a mouse anyway, why not pick up a new mousepad? SteelSeries has you covered there too, with two to choose from. I can't swear to it, but I think they're both Chen.

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