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Allods Online patch 3.0.5 UI changes previewed

Allods Online isn't very far away from it's 3.0.5 update, Autumn Wind. To bide the time 'til the patch hits, the Allods team is showcasing different updates that 3.0.5 will bring to the game.

After Autumn Wind hits, players will automagically hop on the last mount they used when choosing to automove to a quest location. Deposit boxes will have sorting options (much as inventory bags currently do) to save players with large deposit boxes from the clicking-finger fatigue that has always accompanied manual organization. The action bar will be combined and re-ordered for more visual clarity and easier spell activation. Players will no longer have to talk to the boring ol' Astral Hangar NPC to summon their Astral ships, as a new window will pop up the moment they enter the Astral Hangar. Some quests will have new icons to prevent confusion, quest logs will be more compact, and active buffs and debuffs will be sorted by duration.

Visit the official preview for full details on upcoming UI changes, and keep an eye out for more 3.0.5 information.

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