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Burn the Rope for Vita hits Europe next week, November for US


Burn the Rope is coming to PlayStation Vita in North America next month, Ringzero Game Studio tells us. Via the PlayStation Blog, Ringzero announced an October 10 release date for Europe and Australia, along with a €3.99/£3.19 price tag. While Ringzero didn't provide an exact date, the studio porting Big Blue Bubble's iOS hit assures us it's arriving on the North American PS Store in November.

The mobile puzzle game, which came to WiiWare last year, is all about burning as much rope as possible. Once the flame is lit, players can control its direction by rotating the Vita, or by using the touchscreen or backtouch controls. The game includes 172 levels in total, friends' and global leaderboards, and safety seminars about using matches in the home.

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