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Minecraft for Xbox 360 getting Creative Mode, more in next update


The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has another big update coming and PlayXBLA has run through all of the new features. First and foremost, the Creative mode is going to be included in the game, which allows players to fly, destroy a large number of blocks at a time, and build with as many blocks of each type as they want. It turns the game into a real sandbox creation engine, leaving the player free from worrying about finding diamonds or getting blown up by a Creeper.

There are also plenty of new mobs, new biomes and landscape features, and new crafting items and recipes, and a whole host of bug fixes and stability additions. Unfortunately, if you want to know when the update is going live, you'll just have to wait. Even after digging down deep, all we came up with for a release date was "soon." That's not exactly emerald ore, unfortunately.

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