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'Old-School RPG' Kickstarter created by industry vets Brathwaite, Hall


Industry veterans Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall want to make an "old-school RPG," and are seeking a million dollars on Kickstarter for that to happen. The pair, who run developer Loot Drop with another industry vet, John Romero, are on a quest to make an RPG in the classic style of the genre from decades past.

With respect, the pair have been around the industry for quite a long time. Brathwaite worked on the Wizardry and Dungeons and Dragons series, while Hall was a founder of id Software and worked on Commander Keen, Anachronox, Doom, Wolfenstein and much more.

The stretch goals on the project are also interesting. At $1.9 million, which Obsidian's Project Eternity reached in about ten days, Brathwaite and Hall will make "two full games." One will be designed by Brathwaite, the other by Hall.

Those who pledge $15 to the project will receive digitally distributed copies of the games created. If you're looking to be a big spender, with a $10,000 pledge, you'll have Brathwaite, Hall and Romero show up at your door and deliver the game in a box on a red velvet pillow. The Kickstarter and its many tiers are live now.

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