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Breakfast Topic: Are you listening to Pandaria while you quest?

Anne Stickney

I love the soundtrack for Mists of Pandaria. They didn't have music enabled on the beta servers at first, it was patched in much later during the beta process. But the few themes that I heard were striking, beautifully performed and went with the scenic landscapes I was exploring. I figured getting the Collector's Edition was a given because I really love the art books, but the soundtrack was also a bonus. And as I leveled in Pandaria this week, I did so with the music on, because I liked the tracks I heard in beta.

And then I walked into the inn at Halfhill and was greeted with the above tune.

I didn't really think there was anything that could make me love Pandaria even more than I already do, but this jaunty little ditty sealed the deal. I love this expansion. I love how there's dark moments, but woven in between are these crazy little moments that lighten everything up. The inn music with its cheeky kazoo theme immediately reminded me of our dearly departed and missed cohort in crime Mat McCurley and his crazy kazoo on the WoW Insider Show.

Needless to say I have yet to turn off the music in game, but I do wonder about everyone else. Are you listening to Pandaria while you level? What do you think of the music in the game? Do you prefer listening to your own tunes, or do you like listening to the game soundtracks? And perhaps the most important question of all -- kazoos. Coolest thing ever, or coolest thing ever?

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