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LotRO dev diary spotlights roving warbands

MJ Guthrie

Travel through the lands of Rohan will be no ride in the park according to the latest Lord of the Rings Online dev diary. Developers outlined the addition of warbands to Riders of Rohan, describing the roving mobs of mobs as replacements for world bosses. With no restrictions on size or type of mob, players can happen upon any variety of warbands patrolling Rohan, from a single troll to packs of Warg-riders.

The idea behind the warbands was to give players the feel of world bosses -- and the fight or flight feelings had when stumbling upon them -- without forcing spawn camping. When players travels bring them into the vicinity of a warband, a quest will pop up offering a quest to defeat the rampaging horde. Utilizing the open tapping method, any player will be able to participate regardless of group affiliation. Rewards will then be delivered via the quest, not loot drop, allowing players to freely assist one another when confronting these new packs of foes.

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