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New Logitech Mac-compatible wireless webcam appears online


While it's not listed anywhere on the Logitech website yet, the sharp-eyed folks at Electronista noticed a new "Wireless Webcam for Mac" listed by camera and tech retailer B&H Photo. There's not a lot of detail about the device, other than the fact that it's priced at US$179.99 and looks pretty cool.

Unlike existing Logitech webcams like the C910 I use every week for TUAW TV Live, this device is designed to work wirelessly, most likely over WiFi. Since most other webcams in this price range now provide 1080p HD video, it would be safe to assume that the new device would as well.

The images seen here show a rather stark user interface consisting of a cloud image on a circular screen (perhaps a rotating dial?), a WiFi signal strength indicator, and a battery indicator. One side view appears to show a "lamp" button, presumably used to light up what appears to be a lamp next to the lens on the front of the webcam.

While the details are skimpy, the images are compelling and the "Logitech Wireless Webcam for Mac" could be just the thing for Mac owners who want a webcam that's more versatile than their built-in FaceTime HD camera.

New Logitech Maccompatible wireless webcam appears online

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