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BBC launches BBC iPlayer Radio app for iOS

Today the BBC launched its BBC iPlayer Radio for iOS. The app builds on the popularity of BBC's iPlayer video app for iPhone and iPad. With BBC iPlayer Radio, users can listen to any BBC radio station on their iOS device over a WiFi or 3G connection. Like the regular BBC iPlayer app, the BBC iPlayer Radio app allows listeners to listen to on-demand radio shows from the past seven days. Users can also watch video clips, including music sessions of bands performing on radio shows.

But my favorite part about the BBC iPlayer Radio app is its radio tuner dial, which is reminiscent of the classic iPod's scroll wheel. The app also allows you to set alarms so you can wake to your favorite radio program in the morning.

The app is only available in the UK App Store and does require you to be in the UK while using it. Like BBC's other apps, BBC iPlayer Radio is a free download. To see it in action, check out the video clip on the BBC's Media Center page.

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