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Verizon teases black and brown Galaxy S III models for the subtle crowd


AT&T might have nabbed Verizon's color for the Galaxy S III, but that doesn't mean Big Red subscribers will be left out. The CDMA carrier has just posted a rotating teaser on its home page promising the low-key black and brown versions of Samsung's flagship sometime "soon," with availability sign-ups on hand for the impatient. That's all we know for now, although history suggests there won't be a premium over the $200 contract price of the existing blue and white models. We're hoping the new shades of Galaxy come soon -- Verizon's offering will be the first chance most Americans have to get the Android phone in muted colors and relive the glory days of brown electronics.

*Verizon has acquired AOL, Engadget's parent company. However, Engadget maintains full editorial control, and Verizon will have to pry it from our cold, dead hands.

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