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Walking Dead Episode 4 out tomorrow on PSN, next day XBLA, PC


The Walking Dead Episode Four: Around Every Corner drops Tuesday, October 9 on PSN in North America, and on Wednesday, October 10 on XBLA, PC and Mac. Yes, that leaves just one day, at the least, to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Again. We hope you saved some tools.

Around Every Corner, written by Gary Whitta, is the second-to-last episode in Telltale's Walking Dead series. It costs $5 as a standalone, or comes with the Season Pass, which runs $20 and includes all five episodes.

Around Every Corner is in submission with SCEE, and Telltale will announce European and international PSN release dates as soon as it gets them. Details regarding Episode Three: Long Road Ahead on the App Store are coming soon.

Part seven of Telltale's Playing Dead series speaks with Episode Three director
Eric Parsons and designer Harrison Pink about why that episode had so much death. We assume the answer is, "Because it's a zombie game, duh." Playing Dead part seven is embedded below, and includes heavy spoilers for Episode Three.

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The Walking Dead: Episode Four - Around Every Corner will release Tuesday, October 9th on PlayStation Network in North America for $4.99 or as part of the Season Pass option for $19.99 which includes all five episodes. The episode will also be available on Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, October 10th for 400 MS Points as DLC within the original The Walking Dead XBLA release, and also on PC/MAC as part of a Season Pass on the Telltale Games Store, as well as through our partners on Steam, Origin, Amazon PC Downloads, GameStop, and GameFly. European and international release dates for PlayStation Network are still to be confirmed. The title is in submission with our international partners at SCEE, and as soon as Telltale Games receives a release confirmation, a date will be announced.

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