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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer adding Challenge system, replacing weekend operations

Jordan Mallory

For everyone still out there defending Earth from the Reapers and/or Cerberus, we've got some news: 1) Shepard took care of that, like, months ago. What are you guys even doing out there? 2) The way you're rewarded for your hard work and service to the Alliance military is about to change, albeit not drastically.

At some point in the future, BioWare will implement a "Challenge" system in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer. Players will be able to complete "hundreds of new multiplayer challenges" that sound a lot like mini-achievements. Successfully completing a challenge grants Challenge Points (think high-score, not in-game currency) and personal progression through said challenges can be monitored both in-game and on a forthcoming N7 HQ website. Additionally, gold-level challenges grant an exclusive title and banner upon completion, and can also be completed an unlimited number of times.

The existing bi-weekly "Operation: Enter-code-word-here" events will be replaced by weekly Challenge events that grant their prizes to individual players immediately, rather than granting global prizes on a delay as the current system does. No word on when these changes will be implemented.

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