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The Queue: Gonna be a star

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is reporting in from Pandaria.

Missing Mina Found, Farmer's Daughter Seeks New Vocation
HALFHILL (PP) -- Mina Mudclaw was located and returned to the safety of her home thanks to the help of an anonymous stranger traveling through Halfhill yesterday. Miss Mudclaw went missing earlier this week, and search parties were unable to locate the young pandaren. But it seems the farmer's life no longer interests Miss Mudclaw. "At first I was afraid -- I was petrified!" said Mudclaw, "But when I started dancin', well golly, I realized I had my whole future aheada me, and ain't nothin' gonna stand in the way of my dreams!"

Miss Mudclaw currently plans to audition for next season of Pandaria's Got Talent, the breakaway hit talent show that took Pandaria by storm early last year. Her father, Den Mudclaw, did not respond to request for comment, but farmhand Mung-Mung was quoted as saying he was "ooked right off his dooker" by the news.

Dobablo asked:

When does the Temple of the Jade Serpent take place? I levelled through there right off the gunship. The instance seems to take place after that so what happened?

Temple of the Jade Serpent takes place just after the main storyline in the Jade Forest. Storyline-wise, the way the zone flows is Arrival Hub/Ally Hub (Hozen or Jinyu)/Dawn's Blossom/Emperor's Omen/Temple of the Jade Serpent/Ally Hub/cutscene. Temple of the Jade Serpent falls after that in the storyline. All other areas, including Nectarbreeze Orchard and Chun Tian Monastery are optional, and don't really hook into the main storyline of the zone.

But they're incredibly fun!

stephpaul7 asked:

For some unknown reason I thought guilds would be leveling again this expansion. Any ideas on whether we will be leveling again and what goodies might be instore?

It was originally planned to have guilds gain levels, but the idea was scrapped. Not everyone has a level 25 guild just yet, and although the level grind was made easier at the end of Cataclysm, people are still working on getting them up. It just wasn't a necessary thing to add, so it wasn't added. As far as whether or not they'll add anything in the future ... well, I don't know! But the current guilds perks are pretty good as it stands.

CoreyRaynor asked:

What day does the weekly Valor Point cap usually reset? Because I know for sure that I didn't get 1000 VP in the last two days.

It resets with the weekly maintenance on Tuesdays. Keep in mind that all dungeons, scenarios, and daily quests are currently offering valor points along with rewards, so it's a little easier to hit that cap than you'd expect!

rczlapinski asked:

I was listening to the podcast and found out I can get the cryptizoic comic app for iPhone to read some of the wow manga. I'm a huge lore guy and have read all the books and short stories and want to read the comics and mangas. Are there any other apps that I ca get to read the other comics and mangas that aren't in the cryptizoic app?

Yes! ComiXology has a ton of Warcraft comics available, and the app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, as well as your PC. Go crazy!

thedurken asked:

With the upcoming Reputation changes where alts get double rep gains, while I LOVE the idea am I the only one think that the double rep to exalted even on your main is actually an excessive fix? Revered takes 12k rep, Exalted takes 21k. You'll go from Revered to Exalted faster than you go from Honored to Revered.

That may be the case, but it's still a great change. Most people are only looking to go to revered reputation, because that's all you need to unlock the good gear. Exalted will get you access to the really cool mounts. That said, being able to get to the really cool mounts fairly quickly seems like a pretty good bonus for getting all the way to revered.

Pyro asked:

Anyone else find it incredibly frustrating, that after hitting exalted with the Cloud Serpents, that you can't ride any of them on your alts, because "Requires: Cloud Serpent Riding"?

I don't think it's frustrating so much as a really odd design choice. You'd think that if you put in all that time on your main character to get exalted, you'd be able to ride it on any of your characters. Honestly, I find the concept of Cloud Serpent Riding kind of odd. Yes, it's an honor to be inducted into the Order of the Cloud Serpent, and it seems like a cool story hook.

But at the same time, it's also a limiting story hook. I understand it's because they wanted to make the cloud serpents a cool prestige kind of thing, with a neat story behind them. But it still feels like giving you something really cool for free -- but behind that really cool thing is a catch. Sort of like a free all-expenses-paid vacation to Aspen, Colorado ... if you're willing to put up with a three-hour seminar and constant nagging about purchasing a time-share condo.

I don't like catches. And I don't much care for Aspen, either.

Puntable asked:

I did all the quests in the Valley but didn't get the quests for the battle in front of the wall. Do I have to also finish the Wilds to open this quest chain?

Yes. The way Valley and Krasarang work is that they are sister zones -- they are two separate areas, but they share one very sweeping storyline, as well as their own unique myriad of side-stories. You don't have to complete the event at the wall to continue on to Kun-Lai Summit. You can simply go there at level 87 if you want. But if you'd like to see the end of the cool story, you need to go find all four students from the quest at the beginning of Valley, two of which will send you to Krasarang.

I should point out that the way both zones come together is really cool, and it'll net you a ton of experience doing both, which will make Kun-Lai that much easier. But you aren't obligated to finish it if you'd rather pass and move ahead.

AdamMiller asked:

What's the most heart-wrenching thing you've come across so far this expansion?

I think honestly the thing that got me the most was in the Dread Wastes, helping Chen Stormstout. He's a very lighthearted character in Valley of the Four Winds. Meeting him again in the Dread Wastes and watching him make that transformation from lighthearted to serious was particularly heartbreaking. Make sure you stick around for all of his speeches and you'll see what I mean.

Joe8 asked:

I thought we were getting new darkmoon faire transmog gear and some more updates to the faire. Any idea if and when this will happen?

Nope. The Darkmoon Faire has been designed to be expandable, but nothing's been done to it yet. While I hope they'll add things like tier 3 to the list of replica gear available, we've heard nothing about whether or not that will actually be a thing at any point in the future.

@gomatgo (aka Mat McCurley) asked via Twitter:

I legit just got Mists of Pandaria and have no idea what I should do to prepare for my first log in. Help me out.

Hi Mat! Before you log in, check all your addons and update them accordingly -- almost everything should have an update for Mists. When you do log in, you'll be automatically given a quest to go talk to your faction leader. Before you go turn in the quest, check your bags and ditch anything that you don't absolutely need to carry along with you, because you'll need the bag space. Same thing with your bank.

Once you're done with that, just visit your faction leader and follow the story from there. Getting to Pandaria and starting out is a pretty fluid experience, you shouldn't have any issues finding your way through quests at all.

Oh, and welcome back to Azeroth!

Mists of Pandaria is here! The level cap has been raised to 90, many players have returned to Azeroth, and pet battles are taking the world by storm. Keep an eye out for all of the latest news, and check out our comprehensive guide to Mists of Pandaria for everything you'll ever need to know.

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