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Valve looking for hardware testers, rate how well you like Valve first


Valve is seeking people to test out some of its hardware prototypes, along with released and unreleased games. Right now its looking for people around Valve's offices, in the Seattle or Bellevue area, but it may conduct remote testing in the future, so everyone is invited to fill out a playtester survey.

The survey asks, among other questions, how many years you've been playing games, for your favorite game, which difficulty you typically play on, your overall impression of Valve games, if you get motion sickness when playing first-person shooters and who the beneficiary on your life insurance policy is. OK, we made that last one up, but coming from the company that created Aperture Science, it's not too outlandish.

Looks like Valve is getting the ball rolling on its oft-rumored hardware-distribution arm. Which might in fact be a real arm that distributes hardware. You just never know with Valve.

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