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Canada vaguely hints it'll block Huawei from government projects, cites security concerns


After the hammering Huawei received from the US Congress, it was probably hoping to catch a break north of the border. Unfortunately for Huawei, Canada's government has obtusely hinted that it, too, would block the company from bidding to build its new secure network. Spokesman Andrew MacDougall said it would use national security provisions to avoid international trade laws, and when asked directly about the Chinese company, was quoted as saying "I'll leave it to you if you think... Huawei should be a part of a Canadian government security system." The telecoms business may think it can get around the any obstacles because it has a locally incorporated subsidiary -- but given the clout of those lobbying against it, it probably shouldn't get its hopes up.

[Original image credit: The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick]

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