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Doodle Jump getting an Arcade version, plushies via licensing deal


Doodle Jump has been moving along at a much slower pace than Rovio's Angry Birds lately, but of course it's one of the other early success stories from the App Store. Developers Lima Sky have updated the game almost constantly since its launch (including just recently to make it compatible with the iPhone 5), and as a result, it's a hugely played and downloaded game. Lima Sky has now turned that success into a major licensing deal with a company called Innovation First International. Thanks to this new deal, you can expect to see all sorts of Doodle Jump merch available soon, from plushies and collectibles to robotic toys and other merchandise offerings on the brand.

In addition to those toys, Lima Sky has also teamed up with a company called Innovative Concepts in Entertainment and a game developer named Raw Thrills to create Doodle Jump Arcade. That's an HD version of the game, played in arcades on a 42-inch HD monitor (similar to Fruit Ninja's arcade version, as well as the Infinity Blade arcade spinoff that appeared recently). That sounds fun! The Doodle Jump arcade game should be in Dave and Buster's and other similar places soon, and I'm guessing we won't have to look too far for that merch when it's finally ready.

Update: @wildcowboy on Twitter notes that Doodle Jump Arcade is already out and about in the wild. So if you want your Doodle Jump fix on the bigger screen, there's no need to wait!

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