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Lineage II launches a teaser site for Glory Days [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre

Another update for Lineage II is approaching, and this one promises to be full of glory. Days of it, even. But if you weren't sure about what the Glory Days update will offer for players, you can now stop at a handy teaser site that contains all of the upcoming features and expansions to Lineage II's existing gameplay. And there's a lot in there.

High-level players can venture to the Isle of Souls for solo or small-party play, take on Pagan's Temple for solo or group play, make a small team to infiltrate Nornil's Cave, or take part in the daily instanced raid of Nornil's Garden. Meanwhile, all players can enjoy the revised Mentoring and Reputation system, while players with a Subclass can enjoy special dual-class abilities as well as a free subclass level reset. And there's a whole revamped system of Clan Wars coming, complete with contestable halls. Really, if you're an avid Lineage II player, you might want to just look at the site.

[Update]: Glory Days will launch on October 24th.

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