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DUST 514 claims five-year roadmap with expansions


DUST 514 Executive Producer Jonathan Lander is in it for the long haul, as is his team. Lander said that CCP has a five-year roadmap for the upcoming console MMOFPS that includes expansions and enough "crazy ideas" to last for 20 years.

"The whole way that we're doing our development process is so that we can push out expansions on a regular basis," Lander said. "We're not going to ship a unit and then in six months it's off the shelves and people have stopped playing it."

Lander said the team's been working closely with Sony to overcome technical challenges and make sure that it's as stable and accessible as its EVE Online counterpart.

DUST 514 is currently exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 3. Of course, the big unknown is what will happen to that exclusivity if DUST 514 outlives the console's lifespan.

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