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Gaikai sued over alleged patent infringement

Jordan Mallory

A Delaware company called T5 Labs has filed suit against cloud-gaming service Gaikai for alleged patent infringement, putting the technology that underpins Gaikai's fancy cloud-computing/game-streaming wizardry under the legal microscope.

Specifically, T5 Labs claims that by "providing a system and methods of sharing a graphics processing unit (GPU) between a plurality of programs," Gaikai is "actively, knowingly and intentionally" using the technology covered by T5's patent for "Sharing a graphical processing unit between a plurality of programs."

Multiple programs using the same GPU may sound like something that every single computer does on a regular basis, but T5's patent actually covers a specific scenario involving servers, remote terminals and compression algorithms. No specific dollar amount is listed in the complaint, but T5 is seeking damages, attorney's fees and "a judgement permanently enjoining Gaikai from further infringement."

Gaikai has "no comment at this time" regarding the situation.

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