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God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition isn't angry enough


Remember the God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition that popped up earlier this year? Sony has officially unveiled it, and the $80 package includes some lovely God of War goodies. First and foremost is a statue of the god-killer himself, Kratos, looking much less angry than usual. He looks almost introspective, really, perhaps pondering the meaning of life or, more likely, precisely how to rip open the skull of the nearest elephant man.

The collector's edition also includes a copy of the game in a Steelbook case, a soundtrack, multiplayer double XP unlock, a "pass for future DLC content" a dynamic theme and an avatar pack. The package will be available on God of War: Ascension's launch date, March 12, 2013, and is available for pre-order now.

Speaking of which, pre-ordering the collector's or standard edition will net you the "Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack," which includes four characters: Perseus, Achilles, Odysseus, and Orion.

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