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League of Legends claims title of 'most played video game in the world'

MJ Guthrie

This past week, League of Legends' Season Two Championship was sidetracked by a cheating scandal that left some fans feeling alienated. Now, on the eve of the finals, Riot Games has released a load of statistics to highlight the fact that LoL is indeed a popular competitive game worthy of its place in the MOBA pantheon. The title boasts over 70 million registered summoner names hailing from more than 145 different countries.

LoL has also declared itself the most played video game on the planet, averaging over one billion monthly hours world-wide. Other graphs include comparisons of daily active players (12 million) and peak concurrent players (three million). Check out all of the stats compiled in the infographic after the cut.

[Source: Riot Games press release]

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