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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: Kelly's back!


Another Sunday, another talkcast! Kelly has finally managed to remain stationary in one place long enough to host the show again, so she'll be back tonight to talk about the upcoming MacTech Conference, last week's Mac Computer Expo, as well as some brief Passbook chat. Since it's Kelly, and we've had a yep, a visit to her House of Crackpot Theories is definitely in order.

As usual, a Kelly show means aftershow, so be sure to show up for the never recorded post-tech talk which could possibly involve cake, car conversation, or none of those things at all. It's hard to nail down the aftershow.

Now it's really all about you, the community, so join me won't you? To participate, you can use the browser-only Talkshoe client, the embedded Facebook app, or download the classic TalkShoe Pro Java client; however, for +5 Interactivity, you should call in. For the web UI, just click the Talkshoe Web button on our profile page at 4 HI/7 PDT/10 pm EDT Sunday. To call in on regular phone or VoIP lines (Viva free weekend minutes!): dial (724) 444-7444 and enter our talkcast ID, 45077 -- during the call, you can request to talk by keying in *8.

If you've got a headset or microphone handy on your Mac, you can connect via the free X-Lite or other SIP clients (aside from Skype or Google Voice), basic instructions are here. Talk to you tonight!

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