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The Daily Grind: Do you use other people's builds?


I'm going to admit something that may keep me out of the Man Club for good: I'm horrible at making my own builds in-game. Oh, sure, I give it the ol' college try for a while, but if there's a way to hobble myself, rest assured that I will find it. I'm the guy who will dump points into completely useless skills (such as cribbage or sandwich-making) and ignore any hint of synergy. Dungeons & Dragons Online proved to be my ultimate Kryptonite in this.

Because of my crippling inadequacies, I often break down and resort to using proven builds devised by other players who are like unto kings and queens. It's not that I'm a min-maxer -- far from it -- but I just want to be on the same level as most everyone else. I just... I just don't want to be a corpse-in-waiting.

What about you? Do you use other people's builds or do you stick to builds of your own creation?

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