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Apple to use Passbook at retail stores


With Passbook popping up on every iPhone running iOS 6, Apple will soon let you use the feature at its retail stores. The company will begin rolling out an update to its EasyPay point-of-sale software later this month that allows store employees to scan Passbook-based Apple Store cards for payments. Apple teased this during the original Passbook announcement this summer, but the store was missing among Passbook-ready apps when iOS 6 came out.

We've heard from an unnamed Apple Store source that the company just finished replacing the cases on EasyPay-enabled iPod touches to allow use of the rear-facing camera. Previously, the EasyPay add-on blocked the lens, making it impossible to use the devices to scan something such as a Passbook card.

The feature looks to be limited to prepaid gift cards, at least for the time being, so those hoping to load and reload their own virtual Apple Store card still have some waiting to do. The company likely already has a solution in mind, so don't be surprised to see the ability to add funds appear in the near future. I mean, if Starbucks can do it, it should be small potatoes for Apple, right?

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