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Korean IPTV service LG Uplus launches a Google TV-powered set-top box


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While we've seen the Google TV platform spread to additional manufacturers and some new lower-priced form factors, LG Uplus (not the same as LG Electronics) is the first we've seen offering a set-top box for its IPTV service based on it. new and existing customers alike can opt for the U+TV G, which will blend live TV streams, video on-demand and Google TV apps. Rapper Psy will be playing a large part in a national campaign to promote the offering, and after making Korea the tenth country Google TV is available in, Google says it will continue to work with providers around the world. Jumping inside the cable box is a notable move for the project, however at home hasn't significantly improved integration beyond that originally offered by Dish Network, and it's not even built into the Google Fiber set-top box. Check out a few (oddly silent?) demo videos embedded after the break.

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