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Prepare for Riders of Rohan's launch with patch notes, FAQ, and a trailer

MJ Guthrie

Many a Lord of the Rings Online fan is eager to delve into the Riders of Rohan expansion today as soon as the servers come back online. But once prospective warsteed owners set foot in the lands of Rohan, what do they do? Turbine offers a handy launch day FAQ to answer important questions like "How do I get there?" and "Where's my loot sparkle?" The guide offers gems such as: "A server is never late, LOTRO players. Nor is it early. It comes up precisely when Turbine means it to."

Players can also bide their time reading through the hefty expansion patch notes, which feature juicy tidbits on all the new goodies and changes. For a quick guide to more information and impressions on the expansion, check out Massively's pre-launch guide. And check out the launch trailer after the break.

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