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iPhone appealing as BYOD smartphone thanks to security warning


When it comes to mobile devices in enterprises, Apple's iOS platform leads the way. But according to an opinion post by Computerworld's Jonny Evans, iOS may become even more dominant in enterprise computing thanks to a security warning about Android devices that came from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a Federal task force that includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

That security scare, dealing with Android malware, isn't the only reason why corporate IT departments are welcoming iPhones into companies as "bring your own device" (or BYOD) equipment. As Evans notes, a new system from HID Global brings government-level biometric security to the iPhone, and the next iPhone could feature built-in identification technology from Microlatch and Apple-owned AuthenTec.

Evans lists six reasons why Apple provides the most secure BYOD smartphones on the market:

  • Apple's iOS is inherently more secure than Android for a host of reasons, not least device fragmentation and the availability of security updates.
  • Apple's App Store is more secure because it is curated.
  • The FBI and others note the frequency of malware attacks on poorly protected Android devices.
  • BYOD means enterprises are looking to standardize around a set of secure devices, but need to make those decisions sooner, not later.
  • Solutions are already available that allow an iPhone to meet government agency-level security requirements, including secure monitoring of communications sent using that device.
  • With the Lightning data transfer protocol, Apple is already laying the ground for future device security improvements.

In conclusion, Evans notes that "the platform's current position as the world's most secure mass market mobile OS makes it the best platform for enterprise deployments." It's a good read for anyone in corporate IT or who is attempting to persuade their employer to allow iOS devices in a BYOD situation.

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