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Morning chuckle: Attack of the clone apps


A link to this story on App Store clone apps crossed our desks this morning at TUAW central. We spent quite a bit of time arguing over which one was the most outrageous rip-off of a Nintendo title.

It's a wonderful write-up, and I encourage you to pop over and read it all. The entire post is sort of like a FPS game. The Red Bull team offers videos, screen shots and, more importantly, exactly how long each clone lived in the App Store before being shot down by legal.

We applaud some of the creativity involved in branding ("Ultra Dario" and "Mole Kart" made us laugh) and were pressed to wonder exactly how much time and effort were devoted to re-engineering these classic titles.

Begun, the Clone Wars have. "Mesa buy clone app!" Of course you did, Jar Jar. We look forward to playing the as-yet non-existent Super Σario. Or Pack Mann. Maybe even Above Average Mario Siblings. Or Happy Marco Nicely Affordable Commuter Vehicle. And Mario Super-cool Rave with Mau5. Or Dongle Kong.

Remember this wisdom from Field of Dreams: if you build it, they will clone.

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