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Checkmark 1.1 adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders, more


Checkmark is a reminder app from Snowman that we've reviewed before. In many ways, it's faster than using Apple's Reminders app, especially once you've created favorite locations and reminders. Version 1.1, released today, adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders and more, making a handy utility even better.

I'm liking recurring reminders for simple things like "go meet the school bus." Believe me, forget that once and you hear about it. I could also see using this if you have a time-sensitive medication schedule, provided that you'll be sure to have your phone with you at med time. You can schedule a reminder to recur hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Snooze reminders let you put off a reminder if you can't do it when originally scheduled. Swipe to delay by a minute or an hour.

The "Add to Map" feature has also been improved with new satellite and hybrid views.

It's a nice update to a handy app. Checkmark 1.1 is available in the App Store now for US$1.99, requires iOS 5.0 or later and is ready for the iPhone 5.

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