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PSN puzzle platformer Page Chronica aims to land in "next 3-4 weeks"


Red Hare Studios is hoping to release upcoming PSN puzzle platformer Page Chronica by mid-November, the Singaporean developer tells us. Red Hare producer Dr. Wee Lit Koh says that, while no definite release date is confirmed, his studio hopes to launch the PS3 game in North America and Europe in the next three to four weeks. While the price is again unconfirmed, Red Hare is targeting $10.99/€10.99.

As the above trailer shows, Page Chronica mixes vibrant 2D platforming with vexing word puzzles. As well as guiding Topaz through enchanted storybook worlds, players have to collect the magical alphabet floating about. Collecting and rearranging letters into words correctly lets Topaz unleash spells and attacks, which she can use to take out the evil infesting the stories. The longer and more complicated the word is, the more powerful Topaz's attacks and magic become. Think of it like LostWinds but with a helping of Scrabble. Or Kirby's Epic Yarn with a dollop of Boggle. You get the idea.

Page Chronica accidentally came out early on the European PSN store last month (it was originally expected to release mid-October) only to be swiftly removed. Thankfully PSNStores reports those who purchased the game when it was up are getting a free copy when it eventually launches. As for when that is, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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