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PvP sound announcements in patch 5.1


The dataminers have been at it again, revealing some more sound files from the upcoming patch 5.1. These ones are PvP-specific, announcing key events in arenas and battlegrounds. If you listen to the sound files (in a video after the break), you can hear that it's things like "The arena battle is about to begin" or "the gate of the yellow moon was destroyed". They're read in a male or female voice, which varies between sounding excitable and indifferent!

Now, I usually do my very best to approach new features with a positive viewpoint at best, and an open mind at worst, but I really hope these come with the option to turn them off. I'm fairly confident that they will, but not 100% sure. I've spoken before about my dislike of additional sound feedback during PvP, hence why I don't use addons like GladiatorLoSSA. The visual clues do just fine for me, in both arenas and battlegrounds, and I am of the opinion that audio is best used to hear spell effects and communicate with my team, so I am not really keen on these!

But, on the other hand, I know that many people are big fans of audio announcers. The aforementioned GladiatorLoSSA wouldn't be so popular and highly recommended otherwise! I remain excited to see just what other UI changes Blizzard are planning to bring out with 5.1.

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